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7 Ways of Light


We are currently creating Seven Ways of Light at Allanton World Peace Sanctuary. If you would like to support this work, please use the donate button below.


what is it?

The Seven Ways of Light, dotted around our tranquil grounds, will offer a peaceful walk and an opportunity to reflect, offer gratitude, develop positive thoughts and send these intentions out to the world.

Our Seven Ways of Light, are inspired by the Seven Stations in Japan.

[The Seven Stations, Japan, were] very successful in helping to dissolve the negative thoughts and obstacles that people were facing, and to provide a safe, innovative, inspiring space for positive, healing energy to flow. While the experience is unique for each person, the concept of the Seven Stations can bring about an immensely uplifting and joyful feeling when people combine inner work with service to humanity and the planet.

All visitors to Allanton Peace Sanctuary will be welcome to spend time at any or all of the Seven Ways of Light as they wish. They may participate in the Seven Ways of Light as appropriate to them, be it out of curiosity, contemplation, mindfulness or a deep spiritual commitment.


More info.

To find out more about our 7 Ways of Light please get in touch or visit us: