Allanton House


Allanton House

Allanton Sanctuary is the European centre for the World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS).

The Society was started in Japan by the Japanese poet, philosopher and teacher, Masahisa Goi, just after the devastation of WW2.

Mr Goi realised that working towards peace in our world was the highest priority of humanity. In a moment of inspiration he created the prayer/affirmation ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’.  This affirmation transcends all boundaries of race, religion and politics.

The WPPS also has a centre in upstate New York, and offices in Tokyo, San Francisco and Munich,.  It is recognised by the United Nations as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) and works in support of their Mission of ‘World Peace’. 

Allanton World Peace Sanctuary Activities

All the activities taking place at Allanton Sanctuary work towards the main Aim of spreading the message of peace consciousness through the prayer/affirmation ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’.

Work takes place on a grassroots level, locally, nationally and internationally together with colleagues and volunteers around the world to help to create a peaceful world.


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