Providing a Place of Love and Peace

Allanton hosted a group from the Scottish Guardianship Service for a weekend in September. This service supports unaccompanied minors and refugees, arriving in the UK on their own, who could feel isolated and frightened.  

Around 42% of the young people we work with have been trafficked into the UK for exploitation. This horrendous human rights abuse goes on across Scotland and, although hidden from most of us, has a devastating effect on those affected.
— Scottish Refugee Council

The guardians offer support through the complex asylum, trafficking and welfare systems, and empower the young people to return to school or college, build confidence and social networks. Their visit to the Allanton World Peace Sanctuary was an opportunity, in a safe and supportive space, for the young people to meet their peers, make friends, become a family and community for one another and develop a support network.

We had two days of fun and laughter. They worked hard and ate a lot of good food – made with generosity, kindness and love. The young people cleaned our Peace Pole Henge, each choosing their country first. We gathered windfall apples, planted a cherry tree and they dug over a flowerbed of weeds – in their countries “the fields are bigger”. Afterwards we gathered around a bonfire, to relax and enjoy company.

The young people came from Kurdistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Congo, Sudan, Egypt, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan. We finished the weekend with a Flag Ceremony. We were honoured to witness how much they love their countries. The whole weekend was a powerful reminder of the importance of our work at Allanton:

May Peace Prevail on Earth!


The Scottish Guardianship Service is a partnership between the Scottish Refugee Council and Aberlour Child Care Trust. Referrals can be made from any Local Authority in Scotland. Please visit the Aberlour Child Care Trust's website for more information.

Liz Mackley