Armistice Day


One hundred years on from the armistice that ended the First World War (11th November 1918), how has our world changed? Most of us, living in the United Kingdom, may feel that we live in a time of Peace. But is this true?

Military conflict took place during every year of the 20th Century. There were only short periods of time that the world was free of war. The total number of deaths caused by war during the 20th Century has been estimated at 187 million and is probably higher.
— Imperial War Museum

The United Kingdom:

88 Years of Military Conflict / 12 Years of ‘Peace’


1899-1920     The Dervish State vs Ethiopia, Britain and Italy

1914-1918     The First World War

1917-1922     The Russian Revolution and Civil War

1919               Third Anglo-Afghan War

1919-1920     First British-Waziristan War

1919-1921     The Irish War of Independence

1920-1921     Iraq vs UK

1921-1922     Moplah Riots in Kerala

1922-1923     The Irish Civil War


6 years

 1930-1932     Saya San Rebellion


3 years

 1936-1939     Second British-Waziristan

1936-1939     Arab revolt in Mandatory Palestine

1939-1945     The Second World War

1940-1941     Franco-Thai War

1945-1946     Indonesian Independence

1947-1948     Civil War in Mandatory Palestine

1947-1991      The Cold War

1948-1960     The Malayan Civil War

1950-1953     The Korean War

1952-1960     The Kenya Emergency or The Mau Mau Uprising

1956                The Sinai War or Suez Crisis


2 years


1963-1967     The Aden Emergency

1968-1998     Northern Ireland, The Troubles

1982               Falklands War

1990-1991     First Gulf War

1992-1995     The Bosnian War

1998-1999     The Kosovo War


1 year


2001-           The Global War on Terrorism

2001-2015    The War in Afghanistan

2003-2011     The Iraq War and Insurgency

2011-               Libyan Civil War

With wars now fought in far off countries, by professional soldiers and remote technology, it is too easy to ignore their reality. Long gone are the days when kings and chiefs led their soldiers in battle. If politicians paid this price for their decisions would they be the same? If you were expected to offer up your life would you be willing? And for what cause: cheap oil, mineral rights and corporate coffers?


We are all responsible for every continuing conflict.


Peace starts in every one of us, not only in how we feel, but also how we act and our choices. Use the power of your choices to make a difference:

Wear a White Poppy in remembrance of Armistice – the suspension of hostilities in order to discuss peace.

Choose ethical options for your money, in banking and your purchases.

May Peace Prevail on Earth


* Note: dates are taken from The Imperial War Museums and The Polynational War Memorial, they do not include monetary or political backing of war or weapons trade.

Liz Mackley