Thought for Peace - 6

Peace begins in all of us.



With resources scarcer and scarcer

I vow with all beings

to consider the law of proportion:

my have is another's have-not.

- Robert Aitken


Robert Aitken was a lay Zen Buddhist and social activist, based in the USA. He wrote this, and other poems, in the style of the Budhist gatha-vows: ‘The first line establishes the occasion, the second line presents the act of vowing, and the last two lines follow through with the specific conduct that one promises to undertake in these circumstances.’



May You Live in Peace

May Peace Prevail on Earth


Aitken, Robert. "The Dragon Who Never Sleeps," in Engaged Buddhist Reader, Arnold Kotler, ed. Berkeley, CA: Parallax Press, 1996. 27-36.

Liz Mackley