New Year Gathering - 2019


Our New Year Gathering is an important tradition, not only for the Allanton staff but also for all our volunteers, friends and supporters.


Many of us make New Year resolutions. Our gentle afternoon ceremony offers a pause – a time to reflect fully upon the previous year and contemplate the opportunities offered by a fresh year ahead.


Fading Away

Many thoughts or feelings that accumulate throughout a year serve their purpose but are no longer needed. Going through the physical process of writing down all that we no longer wish to hold on to, and burning this paper, strengthens our resolve.



Similarly, writing all that we aspire to in the year to come, on beautiful paper (!), makes something special, even sacred, of returning or re-orientating to our intended path with renewed determination and energy.

We can always start again.


New Year Guidance

The Allanton grounds offer a beautiful and peaceful oasis. Walking mindfully in the Labyrinth, gave us time to fully absorb all that we hope for the year ahead and to be open to possibility. A little treasure pot at the centre held ‘Angel Cards’ – each a single word, a positive guiding action, to bring to our year.

Joy. Love. Synergy. Wisdom. Possibility…

There is also the New Year Guidance from Byakko Shinko Kai – a ‘lucky’ dip of sealed envelopes that never fail to suit the seeker.


May Peace Prevail

New Year is also a time to think of the wider world. All living beings are connected. Peace is for all. The World Peace Flag Ceremony broadens our attention as we speak our peaceful message for each and every country.

May Peace be in All Countries



No Allanton event would be complete without delicious food. (More sushi please Uma San!).

Friends relaxed and shared stories of the Festive Season, in a shared feeling of being refreshed and ready to go again.

We look back in gratitude to all of you who support our mission for peace in the world through the message ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ and look forward to the ongoing spreading of this important message.
— Glenda

For those of you unable to join us, here is some New Year Guidance:

New Year Guidance_1500.jpg

May Peace Prevail in 2019

May Peace Prevail on Earth


Liz Mackley