New Name - Renewed Energy


Those who attended our Annual International Flag Ceremony this summer had a sneak preview…


On New Year’s Day, Fumi Johns and our Headquarters Team in New York, officially announced, with great pleasure, our new name:


May Peace Prevail on Earth International


This name change clarifies our organisation’s mission and emphasises that it is inclusive of all humanity’s cultures, faith traditions and political ideals. We aim to awaken in everyone the focus and mutual desire to create true peace on earth, transcend our differences and celebrate our common humanity.

Now is the only time we can act. More than ever, we wish to strengthen our commitment to a global culture of peace, harmony, hope and compassion.


The affirmation May Peace Prevail on Earth encompasses all life, Caroline adds that:

“In the original Japanese version of May Peace Prevail On Earth, the character for “Earth” includes not only humankind but “Life in all Realms of Creation”. When we speak the words, May Peace Prevail on Earth we can imagine that the frequency and energy field of Love, Peace and Harmony reaches the kingdoms of plants, animals and all of Creation including our solar system and the Universe at large.”


MPPOEI 2019_1500.jpg

We wish to thank Fumi for her timely vision and all those whose work made our new name possible.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Liz Mackley