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Mandalas (Sanskrit for circle) have symbolic meaning in Budhist and Hindu traditions. Today, anyone can write a mandala, as a direct communication with the universal energy. Words hold power. As we write, the power of the words we choose are poured into the mandala. Once a mandala is completed, it continually emits the power of our intentions to the world.

Mandala of Infinite Light - By choosing our words carefully, we can focus on the qualities that we most want. Use one or more of the 49 Words of Light, or choose your own.

Mandala of Gratitude to Nature - Be aware of nature’s importance, send healing intentions and energy, endeavour to change your behaviour and return to a state of Oneness with everything in nature:

The Earth. The Sun. Air. Fire. Water. The Ocean. The Mountains. Food. Plants. Animals. Minerals. Microorganisms. Heavenly Phenomena. The Physical Body.  



Every one of us can benefit from creating a mandala. By using only positive words and phrases, over and over, the process can shift the focus of our thoughts, retrain our minds, and help us to become the better person that we would like to be. Being present in the moment, writing a mandala, is a mindful experience. An opportunity to consider what is important to you:

·      Think well of yourself. Love yourself. Record all your strengths and good points. Use opposite words to boost how you feel (e.g. Infinite Happiness if you feel sad), thereby imbuing yourself with the qualities that you wish to have. By bringing these intentions into your consciousness, they enter your body and will manifest in how you project yourself.

·      Take time to fully appreciate the world, your life, and your loved ones.

·      Help tackle a difficult time in your life by focusing on the positive outcomes and your intentions.

… we create patterns of behaviour through the power of our own thoughts, wishes, feelings and actions. … When the same wish, feeling, thought or action is repeated many times, a pattern is established. The more deeply this pattern is engraved … the more firmly established [it] becomes. … it becomes easier and easier for us to experience the same feelings or behaviour again and again.
— Mary McQuaid
Humanity is Divine

Humanity is Divine

Gratitude to the Moon  by Tomoko Mitani (2004)

Gratitude to the Moon by Tomoko Mitani (2004)



You may use pencil, ink, or whatever you prefer to create your mandala. You may use one or many colours, and you may create a design or image.  Choose what feels right for you and remember it doesn’t matter how it looks – you make it for yourself alone.



Start writing at the very centre, on the vertical line, in the direction of your chosen language, i.e. clockwise for English, anti-clockwise for Arabic. Write a continuous line of letters, leaving no spaces between your words or sentences. Continue until the end of this circle, then, move up to the next circle, once again starting on the vertical line. Your words may be split between circles and this is absolutely fine. However, as you near the end of the very last circle, you must make sure that you complete your remaining words (sequence) fitting, and filling, the space right to the end of the circle.

You can write any positive and meaningful words, phrases, thoughts, prayers, poems, songs, and so on, that are appropriate to you and the mandala that you are creating. You can write the same combination of words over and over, or a variety.



As you write your mandala, work with your breath. This helps you to focus on the present moment, your words and to channel their power.

Breathe in and hold your breath as you write, stop writing as you exhale, then breathe in and continue. If it is too much to hold your breath, then don’t worry, listen to your body and do what is best for you.

Just reading about mandalas cannot give you the experience of creating one – and it is an experience that I recommend highly.
— Masami Saionji
Mandala template 3mm wide with 70 lines

Mandala template 3mm wide with 70 lines

Mandala template 2mm wide with 105 lines

Mandala template 2mm wide with 105 lines


Frequently asked questions

Can I make my own mandala template?

Yes! Draw a series of concentric circles, in multiples of 7, with a vertical line from the centre to the top.


Where can I get a small mandala template?

You can download A4-sized mandalas, which are fantastic for use with children. Click on your choice below for the link to the online pdf.

7 lines

14 or 28 lines

21 or 42 lines

24 or 48 lines with a world pattern

28 lines


What size is the mandala template supplied by Allanton?

Our printed mandalas are 42cm in diameter, on paper 58cm wide.


How many lines do your templates have?

We have templates of two line widths / numbers available (both fitting 42cm diameter):

2mm wide with 105 lines *We recommend that you use a pen with a fine nib, 0.5 or smaller, for these narrow lines.

3mm wide with 70 lines

The total number of lines is always a multiple of 7, a number that denotes completion.


How much do they cost?

Each mandala template is £6, which covers the cost of materials and production.


How much is postage and packaging?

For UK delivery, this is £6.40 for up to 3 mandala templates in a tube.

For delivery elsewhere, please ask and we can calculate the cost.


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