Living in Balance 2019

Living in Balance 2019

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Our 2019 event will be build on the success of the skills sharing workshops of 2018. There will be three workshop sessions and a final group discussion for the participants to share their ideas and what they have learnt from the day.

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Donations - An optional contribution to support our Living in Balance programme and the ongoing work of May Peace Prevail on Earth International.

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Japanese Tea Ceremony

Makiko Uchimura

Makiko Uchimura would like to introduce the Spirit of the Japanese Tea Ceremony.  The Tea Ceremony embodies the aesthetics of Japanese Art, and is said to be the ‘Heart of Japan’.  It was originally created as a space where conflicting parties could come together, and through the Appreciation and Grace of Beauty, could come to a peaceful understanding and agreement.  Makiko has been a supporting member of May Peace Prevail On Earth International for many, many years



Energy Movements with Voice
Nagako Cooper

Nagako encountered Shintaido in Tokyo in 1994 and has been teaching Shintaido to adults, children and the elderly over 15 years as a British Shintaido Instructor. Shintaido is based on traditional Japanese martial arts, and its movements are accessible to all. Shintaido also uses voice as a powerful means to express energy. We will explore finding balance between giving & receiving, listening & expressing, as well as ascending and descending energy through movements and voice. 

Session 1: “Moving Meditation with Sacred Sounds” 
Session 2: “Cycle of Life – 5 Expressions of Cosmic Breath”


Aikido (Martial Arts)

Creating Inner Peace and Harmony
Andrea Solana

Andrea is an Aikido 2nd Dan and an Aikido instructor. She has been teaching classes of all ages for more than ten years in Argentina. She has also been connected with sharing the teachings of Masahisa Goi and Masami Saionji since 1998.


Qigong (Martial Arts)

Balance in Everyday Life
Susan Neal

Susan has been practising qigong since 2003. She says. “I discovered qigong whilst on a sound healing course and later as a warm up on Tom Yeudall’s yoga retreat. I completed Qigong TAUK’s teaching foundation course in 2011 and now study Daoyin Yangsheng Gong with Bob Lowey, Sifu Gordon Faulkner and his daughter Tina. Qigong is a very accessible practise for most abilities and fits very well with yoga, which I have been practising since 1973. Both disciplines work on the body, breath and mind.” Susan qualified to teach yoga through Yoga Scotland in 2007, adding the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs training in 2012.  Susan’s says, “I trained as a scientist and consider these practices to be a spiritual science, something practical that helps us to achieve balance in everyday life.”


Yoga for All

Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit
Carole Godridge

Carol Godridge is a Yoga Scotland and Satyananda Yoga UK registered teacher, and Yoga Scotland Tutor. She has been teaching yoga and meditation to classes and individuals of all ages and abilities, as well as remedial yoga and individual tuition, for the last eighteen years. Carol  is offering a sample workshop for you to experience how yoga can bring a sense of balance to your everyday life.


Yoga for Mental Health

Jill Dobbie

Jill Dobbie is passionate about promoting the benefits of yoga for mental health and well-being. She worked as a nurse for 18 years before completing a diploma level yoga teaching qualification at Mandala Yoga Ashram, South Wales. This taster session will introduce simple yoga practices that can help manage stress and improve physical and mental well-being. These will include physical movements, breathing practices and relaxation. 


Biodanza (Dance)

Jolanda Bastein

Rediscover the pleasure of fully embracing life – regain a sense of aliveness, joy, confidence, expression, ease and deep relaxation through simple movements to a wide variety of music. BIODANZA invites you to live to your full potential, resulting in a healthier body, a joyful mind and an overall feeling of well-being. Jolanda always loved the language of dance as a direct and joyful expression of life, beyond words and thoughts. She qualified as a Biodanza teacher in 2014.


Balanced Finance / Balanced Wellbeing

Credit Union
Donald Thompson

Donald Thomson is Regional Development Officer (Credit Union), and Solway Credit Union Project Worker. Coming from a career in Financial Services, and recently in Housing with DGHP, Donald now works to expand the membership and services of credit unions locally. His workshop will give you an insight to the history, workings and benefits of credit unions, as well as an opportunity to share your good ideas for growth. Balanced finances lead to balanced wellbeing. 



Striking Matches in the Dark
Byron Bartlett

Drawing is a simple pleasure. Just as in practising calligraphy, it helps us experience being in the now,  two-stepping along a flowing series of highly attentive moments.  Join us for a quick workshop of getting in the zone, paying attention, and hopefully drawing a few confident lines. If you can write your name, you are already drawing! Byron Bartlett has been drawing forever, and mostly sees it as a revelatory practice. 


Kinetic Chain Release

Bringing your Body Back into Balance
Laurie Blair

Laurie Blair teaches yoga for wellbeing near Thornhill. She is also a Kinetic Chain Release (KCR) therapist, bringing people back into balance through a series of physio mobilisations and massage for the whole body. She also teaches Postural Energetics, a tool for living in balance, which clients can use anytime, the workshop is based upon this.


ICAN/ Words and Action

Peace Through Inclusion
Janet Fenton

I am a Scottish Quaker feminist, background community arts. I have been Co-ordinator of  Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre, and now work for civil society or parliamentary action on peace and security. Always a Scottish CND campaigner, and ten years with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear weapons (ICAN) at international and UN negotiations. I also give some support or advocacy to folks who need it and try to live fairly and sustainably. Telling the stories of disarming women – a game we can all play. Just bring your heart and soul.


Labyrinth Making

Hand Held Journey
Jim Buchanan

Labyrinth structures appear in many cultures throughout history, and walking the labyrinth can be a transformational experience, with the cadence connecting us to physical, emotional and spiritual rejuvenation. Artist & landscape designer Jim Buchanan will give a short overview on labyrinths within healthcare and their potential benefits. Participants will then be led through an introduction to labyrinth patterns through drawing, exploring left and right hand coordination. We will then each make a ‘hand held journey’ - a carved clay labyrinth ball



Catching a Glimpse of your Inner Clown
Angelika Shutzinger

Angelika Schützinger has been clowning since 20 years ago in Germany. She was inspired by the well known social clown Patch Adams. On his clowning journeys throughout Russia and China in the late 90‘s she was a member of his clown groups visiting various institutions. Angelika  teaches in her  classes how to get a glimpse of your inner clown by encouraging and balancing your  abilities to express yourself in a playful manner.


Japanese Calligraphy

Uma Uchima

Yasunori Uchima (Uma) has lived in Scotland for over ten years.  He is a vital member of the Allanton Team.  One of his loves is Japanese Calligraphy, or Shodo, the Way of Expressing yourself through brush and ink.   A calm, steady, clear, balanced mind, body and spirit are cultivated before the brush and ink can be put to the paper.  


Creativity, Community and Change

The Stove Network
Matt Baker

Matt Baker is a public artist, since 2011 he has focused on long-term activist strategies for the social, economic and political structures of his home region in South West Scotland. He founded, and is based with, The Stove Network in the heart of Dumfries town centre. Matt will tell the story of The Stove’s work in supporting the community of Dumfries to re-imagine their town and lead an open discussion to share ideas and knowledge with the group.


Flexi Schooling

Balance in Children’s Lives
Jo Mallett

I'm a mum of 2 (age 3 and 7) and I have found balance in my children's lives by flexi-schooling (part-time mainstream schooling, part-time homeschooling). Along with 4 other mums, I recently carried out the first and only study into flexi-schooling in Scotland, exploring national and local numbers and policies, motivations and experiences of parents and teachers. My workshop will focus on the results of this study as well as my own personal experiences. 



Maria Cleary

Maria Cleary trained as a Mindfulness Teacher in 2016 with Mindfulness Scotland and works with staff in the NHS and Dumfries & Galloway Council. She will offer an introduction to mindfulness practices to help build resilience and reduce the impact of stress on our day to day lives. 


Language for Change

Pat Kirby

This workshop focuses on how we can become aware of the linguistic traps we set for ourselves in our internal monologues and how we can open ourselves to positive change.  It also explores the way we can use language to promote cooperation and creativity. Pat is a former teacher and a novelist.


Quest (Adventures in Nature)

Connecting with Nature
Jan Hogarth

The workshop will explore how to consult with nature and how to connect with the surrounding environment in a deep and meaningful way. Nature has all the answers we need to move forwards with our lives we just need to ask. Jan will encourage you to walk in nature with a questions and notice how the answer will come to you if you notice things and listen from a meditative open frame of mind. Jan, an environmental artist with a deep connection with landscape, will encourage you to think of how interconnected everything around us is and how when we are experience a sense of balance we experience insights.


Sacred Singing

Alyne Jones

Alyne studied Indian Scales at Osho’s Ashram in Pune and did a year’s course with Chloe Goodchild.  Singing Scales and Mantra embodying sound within the Chakras


The Divine Spark IN/Mudra

Movement in Breath Work
Nicole Cressiot and Taku Uesugi

Nicole Bérangère Cressiot is a registered nurse, and graduated from the Healing Arts in California, where she came across the universal message  May Peace Prevail on Earth.  She later moved to Japan to work at the sanctuary at Mt Fuji, to help develop the International activity of this movement.  Since her return to France, she is teaching the basics of this profound philosophy  which is the foundation for a peaceful, balanced life. Takuhiro Uesugi (Taku) has also been actively involved with this movement for World Peace, (for more than 30 years).  He is working at Mt Fuji Sanctuary in international development.  He has dedicated his life to spiritual practice for peace on earth They will teach The Diving Spark IN (mudra), and share time in dedicating energy for global sustainability through performing this IN., which is a  vibratory spiritual practice and its breathing technique.


Laughter Workshop

Movement in Breath Work
Hazel  Smylie

SmylieDays Laughter Workshops are a new venture by Hazel Smylie, in the hope of spreading the benefits of laughter...for the good of our health! Through a series of sounds and actions, we create Laughter which very soon becomes natural and contagious! Everyone can participate in Laughter Workshops at their own comfort level. Prepare for fun and sillyness!