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Peace Prevails programme


what is it?

The Peace Prevails Programme helps children, 5 to 11 years old, to understand and experience what ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’ really means to them in their lives. It enables them to reach their full potential.


How is the programme structureD?

The programme consists of 8 Lessons, Resources and a Review Lesson. Lesson Plans are provided with Aims, Experiences and Learning Outcomes, and easy to read guidelines for the activities.

The programme is structured differently for two age groups: 5-7 and 8-11 year olds. For the younger group, the focus is on themselves and those immediately around them. The older group, in addition, covers national and global aspects of peace.


who is it for?

The programme is designed for Head teachers, teachers and any organisation working with young people in the UK, and internationally.

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Examples of curricula and cross-curricula areas

The content is designed to fulfil aspects of the curricula in England and Scotland and can also be linked to curricula in Wales, Ireland and throughout the world

Expressive Art

Literacy and Creative Writing

Geography and Ecology


Values and Citizenship

Manual dexterity

Community/social cohesions

Health and Wellbeing

Global Citizenship

(Learning for Sustainability, Scotland)

‘Getting it right for every child’

Religious and Moral Education

The Curriculum for Excellence (Scotland)

Personal and social development


It has changed the way I think about peace, because if I say something nice, it makes people feel happy
— Primary Pupil
I will never harm trees because they are living things just like me. And peace is not always religious
— Primary Pupil

online training

Teachers and educators worldwide, can access, online, the training programme to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to deliver the Peace Prevails Programme as part of their everyday teaching practice. The course consists of six one-hour modules completed over 6 weeks.


·       Introduction – how to navigate the web-site and how the training is structured

·       Module 1 – Lesson Plan One – working through some of the activities in Lesson One prior to receiving the Lesson Plans

·       Module 2 – Lesson Plans and links – downloading the Lesson Plans and Resources and identifying how the programme could fit into your everyday classroom practice and your school curriculum

·       Module 3 – Water – identifying the importance of water in our lives and its connection to peace in our world

·       Module 4 – Implementation and evaluation – making plans to implement and evaluate the programme

·       Module 5 – Peace in my world – experiencing some more of the activities that are included in the Lesson Plans


With an optional module: ‘Networking with other schools’ - making links and working with other schools to share ideas and experiences when implementing the Peace Prevails Programme.


By the end of the training, the teachers will have gained:

·       An understanding of the structure and contents of both age-group programmes (5-7yrs and 8-11yrs) and how to implement these in the classroom and school

·       How the programmes fits the curriculum

·       How the programme can be expanded into cross-curricular areas

·       Ideas on how to include families and community.

I was eager for this programme to be in my school because it empowers my own teachers to appreciate the concepts and then teach. I believe that this sense of ultimate empowerment – (peace comes from within) and ultimate responsibility, (my peace resonates from me to others), raises every aspect of school life. It stimulates the natural love for learning, which also comes from within.
— Joanne Caine, head teacher of St Paul’s CE Primary School, Oldham

Commitment and costs

The programme is designed mainly for schools but can be adjusted to be delivered by organisations working with children

 Each school/organisation will receive:

 ·      Full online support, for 3+ teachers, during the 6 week training period

·      Lesson Plans and Resources for two age groups: 5-7 yrs and 8-11 yrs (download)

·      School Licence (upon completion)

·      Teachers Licences (upon completion, and for use in a licensed school only)

 Please note: each school needs to commit to online training for at least 3 teachers for 1 hour per week for 6 weeks. The teachers discuss modules and complete Implementation Plans together. If your school is small, we can discuss the best alternative for you.


2019 only: For the first 3 teachers the cost is £150 per teacher, and the cost for each additional teacher is £90.


Further options

If you are teaching in a school close to Dumfries, we also offer a one-day, face-to-face training session with Resource Packs.



To the National Lottery’s ‘Investing in Ideas’ fund for enabling us to carry out the pilot.

Dr Sue Newberry of ‘Learning Ideas’ ( who we worked in partnership with to develop the online learning platform. Special thanks to Karen Carter, head teacher of Lockerbie Primary School for participating in the pilot and invaluable support.

More info.

For further information, please have a look at the ‘Peace Prevails’ programme web-site:

If you would like to contact us directly, please email Glenda Thornton:
+44 (0) 1387 740 642